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New Charmin® Mega Rolls! Now Available

Charmin Ultra Soft Blue (4 double) and Ultra Strong Red (4 Regular) have been discontinued for new, shelf-friendly Mega Rolls packaging. Contact us to learn how to sell more in less space.

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Coming Q1 2021 — New Vicks® 1 Dose Bottles

Designed for convenience only, Vicks DayQuil® and NyQuil® will now be available in single dose 1-oz. bottles and are expected to drive incremental sales of $11M. (Shipping Q1 2021.)

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Now Available: New Flip & Click Pregnancy Test!

The new Clearblue® Flip & Click Pregnancy Test is the first and only pregnancy test that flips and clicks open and folds closed for easy use and discreet disposal. Attract personal health shoppers with new innovations.

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Free Display Rack: Order Multi-SKU Feminine Care Rack

Make sure you have a broad selection of products to meet your shoppers’ needs. Stock multiple forms of feminine care products and generate more profit with limited shelf space by using the rack to offer 6 SKUs in the same space as 3.

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Display Rack: Vicks Shipper

Easily display the top-selling Vicks brands and maximize profits during cold & flu season with the Vicks NyQuil/DayQuil Shipper. Make sure you don’t run out of stock and are prepared for the cold/flu season.

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Winning With Consumables in Convenience

Today’s convenience store shopper values price, brand loyalty and quick access to top products. This comprehensive shopper research conducted by P&G contains competitive information and survey consumer data for helping you understand shopper needs. Learn how:

  • Paper products are the most essential to carry at convenience
  • Nearly 50% of shoppers typically shop convenience on road trips
  • Diapers and over-the-counter medications are key category drivers
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